Jan 20, 2011

Introducing... Winston!

We broke down and got a puppy. Eric has We have been wanting one for a while and after Christmas seemed like a good time. So the Monday before last we brought home a six-and-a-half week old golden doodle. After a few days of deliberation (and a long list of old man names) we decided 'Winston' was the perfect fit.

I promise I won't have any more posts full of pictures of our pup, but I feel as though I can be a creepy mom and just do it once. Here he is:

We're kind of in love.

Since he's so young he can be quite a terror sometimes (a lot of biting and chewing) but we're excited that we get to train him to be a sweet dog. It's a lot of work and so far it has been a good test of my patience, and I think I'm learning a lot. Things have been a bit messier around the house since Winston arrived (toys under the table and little pieces of grass everywhere) but I think it's good for me. You know, I'm learning that it's ok if our house isn't perfect all the time.

Hopefully I won't feel the need to do entire post full of dog pictures again. Hopefully.

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