Dec 2, 2010

The Pioneer Woman

Who doesn't love The Pioneer Woman? I mean, she lives on a (real) farm in Oklahoma, she has four kids, writes humorous blog posts and is an amazing cook! Some of our favorite recipes are fancy macaroni, pasta with pancetta and leeks and her cinnamon rolls. I also really appreciate how deliciously unhealthy her recipes are. I mean, life's too short not to cook with whipping cream.

So imagine my delight when I found out from my co-workers that she was going to be speaking on campus - in my building!

I am so glad I had the opportunity to hear her talk! She mostly spoke about blogging (her visit was sponsored by the school of communication) which of course made me want to start blogging more. So we'll see what happens.

She also answered questions for about an hour. While I couldn't think of anything good to ask, it was a lot of fun hearing people ask awkward questions like, "did you get that book I sent you?" and "my sister writes a blog about her escapades with her British boyfriend. How can she get famous?"

And best of all: I got to meet her! Here we are:

Aaaaand she signed my cookbook! And she loves me!


  1. I read the blog about the British boyfriend. It's addictive. Also, she was on Throwdown with Bobby Flay and was awesome.

  2. that is so awesome that you got to meet her! i love following her on twitter. its hard to imagine how one person has so many funny/creative/cool thoughts in one day.

  3. How cool! I love her cookbook, even though I am a terrible cook. My Eric is much better in the kitchen than I am. However, I am thinking of posting my own famous signature recipes on my blog. For example:
    1) Ramen (with chicken flavor packet)
    2) Slice and bake cookie cookies
    3) Cereal con leche


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