Dec 30, 2010

Living Room - Take 1

Well I have about a million home projects I want to share that I'm working on... but to do that I feel like I have to go back to the very beginning..." a very good place to start. To read you begin with 'abc,' to sing you begin with do re mi..." NAME THAT MOVIE.

Okay. Well. Our Living Room.

When we first moved in, it looked like this:
 (This is your view immediately to the right when you walk in the front door)

View straight from the front door. This section is technically the dining room, but it's all connected. Those are the back doors. 

View looking back at the front door. Notice the two tones of brown on the upper and lower section of the walls.

As you can see, our living room has really high ceilings - 15 feet to be exact. The bottom half of the wall was a light brown and the upper half was a darker brown. The colors really weren't bad, but they just definitely looked dated.

We knew this project would be a difficult and time consuming one. We asked the previous owners how long it took them to paint the living/dining room those colors and they kind of looked at us like we were crazy. They told us they didn't paint the room, even though they lived here for five years, just because they just didn't want to mess with it.

Well, we decided to mess with it. And it took us A LONG TIME. We used the paint color Ceylon Ivory by Pratt & Lambert (matched to Valspar from Lowe's - it's cheaper and works great).

We think this paint color is perfectly neutral, which was important because there is no (freaking) way we are painting this room (ever) again. And having one color all over the room (even on the ceilings) would make it seem less choppy.

All it took was a borrowed platform ladder, a couple of extension rollers and a lot of time and patience. And also a willingness to live with remnants of Ceylon Ivory in my hair for a couple of weeks.

Here are some ridiculous pictures of the process:

Side note: I am a horrible painter. I'm the type of person who turns around holding a paint brush and swipes paint all over a piece of furniture. As you can see, it's all over me.

I'm not sure why Eric is not wearing a shirt, but whatever. I didn't want to get up there on that ledge, so I appreciate him painting up there by whatever means possible.

It was a long process, but it was so worth it. Completely. 'Afters' to come soon.

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