Nov 11, 2010

Bathroom Makeover: Phase One

My last post was about the bathroom before. Well, we are on our way to the after!

Just a reminder. The vanity used to look like this:

There really isn't anything horrible about the light green paint, it just wouldn't work with the bathroom "plan" that we had in mind. Here is a detail shot of the color. It's just so ho-hum, you know?

We thought about stripping all the paint and then staining the wood a mahogany color... But we felt kind of lazy. And we have so many projects we need to work on that we just didn't want to do anything too intense.

So then I had the brilliant idea of painting the wood black. I know, how do I come up with this stuff!? Such a simple idea but it literally took us a month to think of it. So that is what we did:

I think the black adds a lot of contrast to the white tile on the counter. It looks much more modern, and it looks new. And it was easy-peasy.

What we did: We removed all the doors and drawers from the unit and then removed all the hardware (we saved it to re-use after we painted). We (Eric) sanded everything down really well. Then one coat of primer and two coats of black paint finished it off. Waiting for the paint to dry is the hardest part. It was about as exciting as... watching paint dry.

Bathroom Makeover Phase One: Done!

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  1. Thank you, I know you know how excited I was to see what you did with the bathroom. You didn't let me down, Sullivans. Someday I hope to pee in this room.


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