Apr 12, 2011

The Master Bedroom - Phase 1

May I introduce you to the "Master Bedroom?" We call it Master because it is few square feet bigger than its brother, Guest Bedroom. So that was enough for him to become the master of his brother.

Okay, okay. Done.

This is our room before:

As you can see, there is already a bit of paint on the wall - we brought home a few sample colors before we decided on the dark gray that you see in the picture. The person you see in the picture is our good friend Drew who kindly came over to help us do (a lot) of painting. Thanks again, Drew!

Here is the "after" - the after being being Phase 1. We love the color, it's warm and cool at the same time. And it really looks great with our new light carpet.

Did you notice the hideous things parading as curtains on the windows? That "window treatment" consists of a shower curtain rod and a sheet. Klassy.

The second part of phase one was the crown moulding. Eric and his dad spent a (long) day putting awesome crown moulding up in both bedrooms. I didn't take any action shots, but I think this picture really communicates the whole experience:

I think that was a long day for both of them. But honestly, it was totally and completely worth it. Both rooms look SO much better with the moulding. And for anyone thinking about applying crown moulding, both of these guys said that it got a lot easier the further they got in the project. Eric had never done crown moulding before and my father-in-law hadn't done it in ten-ish years. But I think they both feel that it will go a lot faster the next time they do it.

For anyone out there who actually reads my blog, the after is going to be pretty impressive if I do say myself. So hold onto your hats, people!


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