Oct 1, 2010

The Joys of Thrift Store Shopping

Man, I love thrift stores. And after this post by my dear friend Danae, I was inspired to share what I found at a recent thrift store excursion. I went with my dear friend Emily a couple of weeks ago. This is us right before we got our ears pierced our sophomore year of college:

Em is a great thrift store shopping friend. Mostly because she found this:

Yes, this is a picture of what you think it is. Basically, a reminder that Jesus cares about business too. Oh and you can't tell from this picture, but the photo hanging on the wall inside the office is of people in Africa getting baptized. Why anyone would get rid of this picture is beyond me...

But on to what I actually did buy:

This will be used a pitcher sometimes and a vase sometimes. Gotta love a versatile glass jar that cost $2.

This $1 jar has already found a home in my pantry holding ground flax seeds. I always forget to use them in cookies and things, so I thought a clear jar might help me remember.

Lovely, lovely old books coming in at $1 a piece.

Just pretend there isn't a hideous cross-stitch print in the frame. The round frame is the real gem. I couldn't pass it up for $3.

This has been making me smile ever since I brought it home. It really wasn't that cheap ($15) but I couldn't not buy it.

And my favorite. This was $9.99. I am obsessed. I think it might get a makeover at some point, and I really don't know where it's going to live, but again, I couldn't pass it up!

Anyone bought anything awesome at a thrift or antique store lately?


  1. Will you please take me to the store you got your cute books at?!!?!?

    lOOOVE the lamp!!!



  2. Why yes, yes I have. I've been scouting thrift stores for old postcards & playing cards recently (for my card-making collection). And just yesterday I was making my selections when one postcard caught my eye. It was turned face-down (so all I saw was the printing) & was laying apart from all the rest. Curiosity got the best of me & I turned it over. Turns out it is 4 ladies in the Siloam Springs creek downtown...from 1910! It. Is. Amazing. And might need to be framed, rather than re-purposed into a card & sold. Yes. I think that's what I'll do with it. :)

  3. Tell me you bought it! Tell me! I've been in the market for that print for a while now.

  4. I am soo jealous of the lamp. It is exactly what I am looking for our bedroom...boo..but I am so excited that you found it!

  5. Esther, we DEFINITELY need to go thrift store shopping together. I can't get enough!

    Beth, that is amazing! I definitely think you should refrain from cutting it up - and I'm excited to see it!

    Rhett. I wish. If only hadn't been like $20. It would look perfect above your desk.

    Teresa, isn't awesome! Come to our house and see it!

  6. i am SO jealous of that GLOBE!!!!! seriously. I am obsessed with globes and maps, cant ever find any in good shape at thrift stores. Great find!


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