Oct 8, 2010

Happy Fall

I have recently caught the fall decor bug. I really really want to put cute pumpkins and gourds and leaves and things all over my house. The only problem is... my house doesn't have any decorations at all, so putting up fall decor seems a bit overzealous. Well, I have some decorative items but they are currently in piles all over the house. I also have a sheet draped over a shower curtain rod in a window in my bedroom instead of a curtain. So at this point in my home life, fall decorating is just not in the cards. But still. I wanted something.

I decided that even though no one is going to be coming in to my home to visit anytime soon, the outside would be a justifiable place to decorate. Specifically the front door. So I decided I wanted a wreath. Even if the only person who is going to notice is the mailman (well, in our case mailwoman. Woo girl power). So I started looking. I found some cute ones at Target and Hobby Lobby. But they all came in at around $30. Which I know really isn't that much for a wreath. But when you're saving up to buy a couch that you desperately need, you try not to spend too much money on wreaths to show off to the mailwoman.

So I decided to make a fall wreath. Aaaaand here it is:

I'm kind of obsessed. And it only cost me $7 to make. Not too shabby if I say so myself. Happy DIY Fall.


  1. Whoa! That's the one you made? Ash, I'm so proud of you! Your mailwoman is going to LOVE that.

    Also, I laughed at your reasons for not decorating inside. You're right. But you left out a crucial detail: your other curtain is currently a bookshelf. That's even more impressive.

  2. a curtain as a bookshelf?? do tell!

    ... and i love the wreath! :)

  3. Hanna and Claire, I'm glad you guys like it!

    I'm thinking a curtain post is coming soon!


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