Sep 26, 2010

Will I Ever Find "The One?"

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I was chatting with some dear friends the other day and the subject of how difficult it is to get the perfect haircut came up. You know, the one you dream about. The one that flatters your face and makes people say, “you look amazing” not “I like your haircut.”

This is what I’ve had for most of my life:

This is not a haircut. This is long, thick hair. There is nothing wrong with long, thick hair, but it is not really very flattering. People will say “you have pretty hair” but it just doesn’t add to anyone’s attractiveness. It’s fine if you don’t know what else to do with your hair (I usually don’t) but it’s not a haircut. And that, my friends, is what I’m looking for.

When I get tired of my long hair I do this:

I’ve done this three times. Yes, three. And then I have this:

Please ignore the facial expression. This haircut is what I have right now. It’s fine. But I just feel like I could do better.

This is my current dream:

Sooo amazing. But I just don’t know if I could pull it off. And I won’t know until I find a brilliant hairdresser who won’t let me get a cut that won’t work for my face. And if it won't look good, then she (or he) will tell me what haircut I should get. Someday. Someday I will find the one.

Has anyone out there in blogland gotten a really great haircut that they always stick with? Does anyone cut their own hair? Has anyone ever said "do whatever you want" to their hairdresser?


  1. Oh, I SO know what you mean. And I think I've actually found a fairly flattering cut that works for my super-fine, super-thin hair. I'm just not so great at keeping it trimmed. (Plus, I'm a cheapskate.)

    My trick was to find a stylist with hair similar to mine (so they know what works/what doesn't). And one who was just about as low-maintenance as me, so she "got" what I wanted & knew that I would not be spending more than about 2 minutes each day working with it.

    But I do wonder if some day I'll have the guts (confidence?) to say, "just do whatever you think would look cool & different. yikes.

  2. I'm glad you posted about this conversation. I think it was one of our deepest. But really, just three words, Sista:

    New York City.

    Oh, and three more: When you're rich.

  3. You can definitely pull that haircut, Ashley. It'll look awesome on you. You should also come to Portland and get that haircut. There's an awesome hair place on our street that will do that for you. :)
    Answering your questions: I don't really have a steady haircut. I got my hair really short about 2 years ago and liked it - after 2 years of not seeing scissors, my hair will be chopped off this Thursday. I also got tired of the "long bangs" and got short bangs and my friend Taylor is the one who cuts it for me. :) There's only 1 hairdresser in the planet that I'll ever say "do whatever you want", and that's my friend Cristina. She lives in Portugal, though, and I don't think you'd want to go there for a haircut. It will be an expensive one. ;)
    You look beautiful, regardless!

  4. Hey Girl!
    Just read this blog post and had to comment! :o) I've done all three!! A haircut I stuck with (and thought i'd have for the rest of my life cuz i thought it looked so good! then again, i was 13...), cut my own hair (but nothing major, and i don't ever suggest it!), and told the hairdresser "do whatever you want" the first time i met him (it turned out super short and dyed red in random spots). Now i have a hair lady that knows i like to change things up a lot and she can do anything (it took me 4 years to find her, but i finally did!)!! I've done short... really short... a few times. It's fun and all at first if you can get past the feeling-cool-and-fun-but-not-really-pretty feeling but you have to get it trimmed quite often to actually keep the cut. I say just go for it!! hair grows! or get layers and bangs! that definitely makes a difference! :o)


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