Aug 7, 2010


Very very exciting news to share today.

After months (and months) of house hunting, and months (and months) of driving 45 minutes each way to work, and after months (and months) of being frustrated and ready to move...


Yesterday. We signed some papers and then they handed us some keys. Crazy.

We are beyond excited about the house. There are so many things we want to do, we're kind of having to remind ourselves that we bought it yesterday. We have time.

Today will be full of painting and we move in tomorrow. I can't wait to have you all come visit me. For now, I leave you with one picture:


  1. Ashley!!! I looooooove your new place, it's ADORABLE!! Congratulations guys, this is super exciting!!! Have fun painting and take your time decorating! Wooop Wooooop!

  2. That is so wonderful!! I'm very excited for you two. Please put up some more photos -- befores and afters will be fun to see.

    On a separate note, I love that the three of us are blog creepers together.

  3. SO CUTE!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  4. Just lovely! And I'll go ahead & come out & say I read this blog. If that makes me a creeper, so be it.



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