Aug 4, 2010

Blog Changes

  • I’ve made a personal decision to start posting more often. It’s really perfect timing since my job is getting crazy busy and I’m starting school in a few weeks… Gotta go all in I suppose.
  • I’m going to try to keep all my posts on one topic at a time so that everything will stay more organized. Because I am an organizational freak.
  • Originally Eric and I had planned on writing this together… but he has yet to post. And I’m ok with that. Because most of the blogs I read are by other woman. I mean, the things I enjoy reading about are in the food, home and beauty departments and Eric’s interest is quite limited there. He has more manly interests, I suppose.
  • Lastly, I am not going to write based on how many comments I get. Because (a) I read people’s blogs all the time and never leave a comment and (2) several creepers have mentioned something specific on my blog during conversation and they are people that I assumed didn’t even know I had a blog. So this goes out to you, creepers!



  1. Balurgahhallagglllabbathhgallll....

    That's the noise I assume creepers make.

  2. oh Hanna... how I love you.

    Oh and Ash, I am a faithful reader. And I love that you are going to be posting more! Seeing as I can not seem to live in the same town as any of my friends... I am going to attempt to write more as well. We'll see how that goes... love to you!!

  3. Ashley,
    I will read and post! I am an awful blogger but a great reader :) Hope everything is going well

  4. i'm not a creeper (well sometimes) but i'm going to follow you on this journey ashley!


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