Jun 7, 2010

Exciting News

Sweet Sweet Summertime. This is the first summer in four years that I have not been at my beloved NewLifeRanch so things definitely feel a little bit different than they have in the past. Eric and I were able to visit the ranch this past weekend and see a few GREAT friends (and my sister who is a counselor this summer!). It was great to be there, but we also felt a great sense of peace about not living there anymore. It was fun, but we know Norman is where we are supposed to be.

Part of the reason we know that we are supposed to be in Norman is due to some recent news… I got a J-O-B! Wooohooo!

I will be working as a Graduate Assistant for the Union Programming Board at OU. Soooo what that means is I will be supervising a group of undergraduate students who plan and organize all of the events in the student union. I seriously cannot believe how perfect this job is for me. This is the first time I have gotten a job that I actually wanted since I have graduated. Let’s just say lots of (happy) tears were shed when I found out…

I will start graduate school this fall working toward a Masters in Adult & Higher Education. I am just ecstatic about this. I have wanted to get this degree for over a year now and I am so excited that it is actually going to happen. I feel so very blessed that everything is working out.

Nooooowwww to find a house!

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  1. yay! i'm so excited for you and eric and thats great your going back to school and he is happy with his job! have yall already started house hunting? any luck?

    and i'm so glad i came across your blog!



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