Jun 30, 2010

The End of Lazy Days

Well today is my last day of “FunEmployment” so I figured I would commemorate with a blog post.

For the past couple of months my days have been full of HGTV, Internet Surfing (is that phrase so 1997?) and reading. And guess what? I actually enjoyed it. I think if you are unemployed BUT you know you will have something to do in the future it makes your “in between time” great. But if there is no end in sight of boredom, well that’s when it gets a little miserable.

So I suppose it is a good thing that my “in between” time is coming to end. And you know what? I’m about 99.9% positive that my job will be a lot of fun. Planning events for the Union, meeting with the student committees, going to events, etc… I also get the feeling there will be lots of food involved. And that’s just right up my alley.

While everything on the job front is quite exciting, the house search continues. We found one house (ONLY ONE!) we like, and we’re still waiting to hear back from the sellers about our offer. It seems they want to make sure they're getting the highest possible offer on their house (which completely makes sense) but the waiting is agonizing. So we’ll see.

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