May 17, 2010

The House Search

Life Lately...

Living “in between” as usual. Living in a rental condo in Edmond while Eric is commuting an hour every day while we look for a home. The commute is annoying (he gets home late, we’re putting a lot of miles on our car, we can never eat lunch together, etc…) so we are beyond ready to move. We do feel very blessed to have the situation we do (no rent… I mean, that is just amazing!) but we are ready to have our own little house and start making it our own (I’ve been watching a couple hours of HGTV every day… the joys of having free cable!). But alas, house hunting is harder than we expected!
It seems that our college town has a tight Real Estate market. Go figure. Soooo that means houses we’ve wanted to see have sold before we could even look at them (I’m telling you… they’ve sold in days!). And our price range (cheap!) is the price range that everyone is wanting to buy right now. And I’m not even going to mention how much more expensive close-to-campus houses are. And since we will both be working on-campus (Lord willing in my case!) that is a high priority of ours.
So here are a couple of desirable houses:

And here is (an exaggerated version of) what we’ve been seeing:

Okay, a reallyexaggerated version... but you get the idea.

Not that we’re opposed to fixing something up… we would just like something that will pass inspection. Something that won’t fall apart in 10 years. We have seen multiple homes that are “designed to sell” (the people selling them are possibly watching HGTV as much as I am...) which means, they have newly remodeled kitchens, wood floors, appeasing paint colors, etc. BUT the exteriors have mold, water leakage, structural cracks, and peeling shingles. Seriously, it’s an epidemic.
BUT on the bright side we have plenty of time. There is no rush to move out of our free-house. So we know we’ll find it. Patience is a virtue. Or a vulture. Take your pick.


  1. So, just a thought from having lived in an old house in Norman... Make sure the house you get has good insulation, or you are going to be spending a crap ton of money in heating and air conditioning bills. Some of those old houses are not incredibly well made when it comes to being drafty. We had ac and heat bills close to 400 dollars some months. It was crazy. I love Norman. I wish I could live there too!

    Oh, this is Lindsey Tuttle, by the way. Miss you!

  2. Mobile homes. I'll grab one with my truck and bring it down for you guys.

  3. Patience is definitely a vulture. It picks at the dead parts of you, and sits hunched on your shoulder hoping the rest of you will die, too.

    But then, that's just from my experience...

    And that first picture?? Oh em gee, it looks so much like that house in my neighborhood I'm always lusting after. You should totally spring for that one. Or you could just go with Rhett's idea.

  4. I love love love the first house....although I am a little partial to the last one : )
    Miss you guys!


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