Mar 30, 2015

Becoming A Mom: The First 3 Months

Ah, motherhood. It's something most women will venture into at some point in their lives, but somehow it seems completely terrifying to be outside of it. I am a mom to a three month old, so I know approximately nothing, but I want to share my thoughts and experiences for no other reason than to look back on some day and laugh at myself.

Alright, so. The newborn phase is hard. Real hard. The hospital experience was actually really great (read my birth story) but coming home with an extra person to care for is pretty crazy. The first week was a blur... Piglet only slept for like 2 hours at a time round the clock so I was essentially a zombie. Having Eric home was wonderful. He brought the baby to me during the day when it was time to feed him (which was... all the time) and he made sure I ate something on occasion. Loveyouboo.

Here is what I learned in the first 3 Months:

It's Vital To Accept Help
It has never been easy for me to ask for help. But, there were so many changes so fast that I was so thankful to everyone who offered something. Eric had to take some finals the second week Piglet was born, so my mom came and stayed with me while he was gone. It was nice to just have someone unload the dishwasher and make coffee and hold the baby while I showered. We also had people drop off dinner for us the first few weeks. I have just now started cooking (occasionally) so that was so helpful. Eating takeout gets old!

I'm Not As Patient As I Thought I Was
I've never really considered myself the most patient person in the wold, but I am definitely less patient than I thought I was. Babies are babies (duh) which means they cry when they are tired instead of just falling asleep. It doesn't make any sense and it invokes a lot of Dear Lord, please let this baby sleep when his eyes are slowly closing and they jerk back awake again the second you try to set him in his bed. In addition to the prayers for sleep, I have also prayed for a lot more patience - I know I will only need more of it as time goes on.

Resting is Important
I actually felt really really good after Piglet was born. I was in very little pain and I didn't need any pain meds, which I am so thankful for. Still, I didn't take it easy enough. I tried to do too much too soon and I wish I hadn't. People are coming over to see the baby? Okay, let me wipe down the kitchen counters real fast. Stupid, Ashley. No one cares. I only had a short window of time where I could sit around and people wait on me hand and foot (and it's wonderful) and I wished I had let myself rest a little longer.

The Love is Like Whoa
Oh man, I love my little guy so much. I mean, I knew I would, but it's definitely more intense than I expected. And it has just increased as I have gotten to know him more. When he smiles at me... it's like my heart is going to explode. Just so intense. And yes, everyone told me it would be that way. I just didn't fully understand until I experienced it myself.

Mar 22, 2015

Style: A Winter Outfit for Spring





dress: old navy (same dress with sleeves) // blouse: f21 (similar) // boots: halogen (similar) // 
necklace: gift (similar) // watch: fossil

Well, I inadvertently took a little blog break last week. I told myself it was because it was spring break, even though I haven't had a spring break for a really long time. Isn't that the worst? Why don't adults get spring break? Seeing pictures of college students I know sitting on the beach was definitely a little bit jealously inducing. Buuuuuut we have been having some GORGEOUS weather in Oklahoma this week so I am handling it ok. It's currently 75 degrees and I am sitting on the porch as I type this. Gah, I love you spring. 

And since I like to keep you on your toes, here is a completely non-spring outfit. I wore this a few weeks ago when it was chilly, hence the tights. As much as I sometimes wish I was a legit style blogger (posting spring outfits months ago and talking about this year's new spring trends) I'm just not. I'm really not sure what the new tends are this year. Maybe florals. "Florals? for spring? Groundbreaking." 

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Mar 11, 2015

Style: I've Got Chocolate in My Pocket

vest: f21 (similar) // shirt: target // jeans: target // booties: franco sarto (similar
// scarf: f21 (similar) // necklace: gift (similar)

I'm weird. Anyone who knows me would agree. It's usually a good thing (or so I tell myself). Apparently my weirdness makes me act like a child. Case in point. This vest has lots of pockets. Which is awesome. You can ditch your purse and store your phone, keys, chapstick or... chocolate. I love chocolate covered almonds and recently I was chowing down them when I was interrupted by the baby (the only person that can painlessly get away with interrupting my chocolate almond eating) so I stuck the almonds in my pocket thinking, "that will be nice to have for later." You can probably guess where this is going. I forgot about my chocolate and remembered a few weeks later when I put the vest on post-wash and found a gooey mess. 

The lesson I hope you all learned today? Don't store chocolate in your pocket. 

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Mar 9, 2015

Style: Time Change

sweater: f21 (similar) // chambray: loft // leggings: american apparal // boots: halogen (similar)

This is one of those "wear around the house, but not feel like a slob if you have to leave" outfits that I am essentially always wearing these days. Comfortable, nursing friendly, and not offensive to the eyes. Win-win-win. 

So, the time change. Boo. Double boo. Losing an hour of sleep when you have a newborn is pretty brutal. Sleep is like a prize these days. I'd rather get some extra zzz's than pretty much anything else (including new clothes!). My son is actually a pretty good sleeper (bless him) but it's still not the same as not having a baby. Sleeping in doesn't really exist anymore, especially when you have a time change situation. Wah. Okay, okay... the whining session over. The goooooood thing about the time change is that spring is a little closer! I know we can all get support that. Bring on the warm weather!

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Mar 4, 2015

Style: A Gray Dress in White Snow

dress: old navy // jacket: wilson's leather (similar) // blouse: old navy // 
necklace: h&m (similar) // booties: steve madden (similar)

A dress! A dress! I'm wearing a dress! I want to shout it from the rooftops (and since I don't actually want to climb out on my roof, I'm shouting it from the blog instead)! I love, love, love dresses but since Piglet was born I pretty much never wear them. Not nursing friendly (as you can imagine). I'm actually hunting for button-front dresses so if you see any good ones, let me know. Eric took me on a (much needed) date to the Melting Pot a few weeks ago and as much as I was excited about fondue, I was also pretty darn excited to wear my new dress

Also! This might be my first outfit photo ever with snow on the ground! Usually it's snows so little in Oklahoma that we cancel everything (not exaggerating here) and hide out in our homes wearing clothing with elastic waistbands and paint stains on them. But at this point the snow has become so commonplace that we're embracing it. Just call us northerners (ignore the fact that we own 2-wheel drive cars and don't know how to shovel our driveways). 

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Feb 27, 2015

February 2015 - Where my Dolla Bills Went

Ah, February. What a strange month. It's so short, but it usually feels long because everyone is just so over winter. And man, what a winter! It hasn't been too crazy in Oklahoma, but I know a lot of the country is stuck under constant snow and spring feels so far away. Hopefully we'll all be wearing shorts and sandals soon! Anyway, I am sharing, once again, what I added to my wardrobe this month. I didn't need much, but I found some good deals that I couldn't resist!

1. loft chambray
After seeing this on Shanna, I decided I really wanted it. I wear my light colored chambray (seen here) all the time, but it really isn't fitting my postpartum body right so I was looking for a replacement. And anything tunic length is great for me (it doesn't actually fit like a tunic... but that's what I get for being so tall). I watched it for a while and when it went on sale with an extra 60% off (same sale going on now!) I took the plunge and I got it for $22. I've had it for 4 days and already worn it twice, so definitely a win.

2 & 5. merona tee
I was wandering (dangerously) through Target and stumbled across a shelf full of these Merona tees... on sale for $2.80. Um, okay. I bought the two shown as well as a green and blue striped tee. Nuff said.

3. naturalizer booties
I have gushed before, but I really love Naturalizer shoes. I own a few pairs and they are just so comfortable. A lot of their shoes are not cute, so you kind of have to look hard, but I found this pair on the Naturalizer website on sale for $39.99, but I signed up for their emails to get $10 off and free shipping, so I paid $29 total. I love them so much - seen here.

4. sleep tee
I was hunting for comfy dress that I could wear around the house and not have to change to run errands (obviously my life is pretty exciting) and I found this in the sleepwear section. It it thick material so it doesn't look like a nightgown at all. And I was so excited to find a long-sleeve dress! $22.

Total: $81.40

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Feb 23, 2015

Style: Award Shows and Cold Weather


striped blouse: old navy // cardigan: old navy // jeans: target // 
boots: eric michael (similar) // necklace: f21 (similar

I never watch award shows. I think they are so... boring (don't judge me). I DO love movies [Does anyone not love movies? Well, besides Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect? Who else is excited about PP2? Whoa, I just went a totally different direction...]. However, I have been totally out of the movie loop since Piglet was born so I felt pretty good about the fact that I had seen two of the movies nominated for Best Picture - Boyhood (really good and surprisingly interesting) and The Grand Budapest Hotel (liked it, but I usually like all Wes Anderson films). Hopefully I'll get a chance to see the other 6 sometime in the next... well, year. Do you ever try to watch all of the movies nominated for best picture?

And this is where I should say something about what I'm wearing... I got this blouse as a replacement for a maternity version I had that I really loved. It such a classic piece - I've already worn it a lot! And the cardigan is so warm and cozy which is great because it was freeeeezing outside when I took these photos. I feel like every smile happening here is a secret grimace. 

Happy Monday, friends. 

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