Feb 1, 2016

Baby First Year Favorites

Now that my kid is a year old (!!!!!) I thought I would share my favorite "baby things" in case you have a baby, you have one the way, or you just think about baby stuff a lot. I had originally planned on a "newborn favorites" post and then a "3-9 month favorites post" and so on and so on, BUT since I am a slacker, I'm covering the whole year. And honestly, this is better. Because you really don't NEED that much stuff. So I figured I'd share my favorite stuff I used over the past year; stuff that you wouldn't necessarily think of off-hand (aka you need diapers and wipes but I'm not going to mention that crap crap-holders).

First off, I love Lucy's List as a guide to registries - the writer, Meg, is hilarious and tells it like it is. After Piglet was born I would get weekly emails that were always perfectly timed with really great information. I have sent her pumping-at-work article to a lot of people. If you haven't signed up for her newsletter; do it. You won't be disappointed.

In the beginning... there is poop everywhere. There just is. I got a super-cute cotton changing pad cover on Etsy and I was getting so annoyed with how often I had to change it. Enter these changing pad liners. They just offer a little bit of coverage, look nice, and I can switch them out easily (they come in a 3 pack).

My son was a pretty great newborn - a good sleeper, not a crier. BUT, he had his moments of screaming and I had no idea what the heck was wrong with him. It was kind of awful now that I think about it. I occasionally gave him these gas drops which seemed to help settle his stomach and calm him down.

I could probably write an entire post on baby sleep, so let me know if that is of interest to you. I read
The baby whisperer before Piglet was born and I was so thankful for it. It offers lots of good advice on sleeping/playing/eating etc. Piglet slept 12 hours straight at around 5 months and I think it is largely due to following a flexible schedule (that we started pretty early).

Piglet loves love loves to eat. We did Baby Led Weaning (probably another post in itself) where you skip purees, so things got messy fast. I love the Happy Healthy Parent Bib because they are easy to clean and the little open pocket means less food is wasted. They are also easy to roll up and stuff in the diaper bag. Piglet also knows he can find extra food in his pocket which is kind of hilarious.

File this one in the "not even remotely necessary" category, but I love it. The 4moms spout cover protects your little one from hitting their head on the faucet and it also tells you how cold or hot the water is and if it's appropriate for the baby. Eric and I joke that I take showers in boiling water so this has actually been really helpful for me to make sure I don't burn my baby :)

These table wraps are essentially the same thing as what you get at a restaurant, but I always like to have a few in my diaper bag just in case.

And of course the ikea highchair. It is the best. So cheap, so easy to wipe clean. Do yourself a favor and do not get one with fabric. I get grossed out every time Piglet has to sit in one. There is always food stuck in the little crevices, no matter what.

So, I'm curious... what were your favorite products for your baby's first year? It turns out I'm kind of a sucker for new baby products so I love hearing what other people love! 

Jan 27, 2016

Style: Ripped Jeans & A Puffy Vest

jeans: old navy // vest: old navy // shirt: old navy // boots: sam edelman
// tassel necklace: target (similar) // bead necklace: vintage (similar) // 

An alternate title to this blog post would be "when I wore the same outfit last week and tried to pretend it was different." The truth is out: I mostly wear the same clothes over and over. I mean, isn't that kind of the point of clothes? As much as I love seeing cute/trendy/new outfits on other bloggers I just can't keep up. And that's fine. That was really the whole point of me starting a blog - to figure out new ways to wear my old clothes. So if you like seeing a normal-looking, late-twenties (reeaaaalllly late) lady wear the same clothes over and over, you've come to the right place. 

Also, I would say these jeans have been my most worn this fall/winter. A few years ago I would have scoffed at buying pants with holes already in them, but I am trying to embrace my (quickly) fading youth and go edgy. I mean, if a green puffy vest doesn't scream edgy, what does? 

Jan 20, 2016

Style: Ripped Jeans, a Sweater & a Po Boy

sweater: f21 (similar) // chambray: loft (similar) // jeans: old navy //
boots: halogen (similar) // necklace: ebay (similar)
Piglet's outfit:  shirt: old navy (similar) // pants: gap // socks: old navy // shoes: orgrimmar
Piglet is making another appearance! Mostly because he was crawling into the picture and I figured me holding him would be less weird than a random baby at my feet. So, here he is. Looking adorable.

I wore this outfit on a little family outing to eat Po Boys and walk around downtown. I love being home with my family, but it's so nice to get out and about on occasion. Especially if going out involves a restaurant that only serves Po Boys. I mean, okay.

Let's see, what else is going on in my life? I got asked "if I was seeing anyone" by a twenty-year old employee at Jamba Juice recently. Yes, I was wearing my wedding ring and no I was not flirting. It made me laugh but it also kind of made my day. I'm pushing 30 (really hard) and I felt all young and cool again. Well, until I thought about the fact that going out for a Po Boy was the craziest thing I had done in weeks.

And yes, this entire post was meant to see how many times I could include the words Po Boy in one post.

Jan 13, 2016

Style: Errand Running Mom Outfit

shirt: old navy // vest: old navy // jeans: old navy //
boots: naturalizer (similar)  // hat: target (similar)
My first outfit post of 2016! What we've all been waiting for!
This is definitely a "mom outfit," meaning I wore it on a day that I was home with Piglet. Well, not like a "I didn't leave the house today mom outfit". More of a "I ran to the grocery store and chick-fil-a type of mom outfit". There is a difference, for sure. The other type of outfit will never make the blog. You can use your imagination. Picture an enormous t-shirt and faded leggings. And fuzzy socks. Glory.
I mentioned it in my last post, but Eric and I are talking about a beach vacation for this year. We normally get totally into vacation planning, but for whatever reason we just cannot figure out where we want to go. So, I need your help! What is your favorite beach location? Give me some ideas, people.

Jan 11, 2016

2015 in Review

Well, it's 2016. Every year I am shocked at how fast time flies... and this year is no different. I usually post a little bit about my goals for each year on the blog but I'm a terrible blogger these days, so this post is going to be a little bit of a reflection on 2015 and a little bit about hopes for 2016 and honestly who knows what else because I haven't planned this post out. I'm just writing. So let's see what happens, shall we?


I didn't blog many outfits in 2015, and not because I joined a nudist colony, which is what I'm sure you figured :)  I didn't post at all over the summer and just struggled with finding motivation to blog in general. My style has evolved a little because I'm wearing "mom clothes" half of the time (I work two days a week) but I feel like I've finally found a good rhythm.

I don't feel like I'm actually done with blogging so I'm hoping I can share more this year. That means there will be a little more in the casual department since I spend a lot of time chasing after a toddler, but I'm okay with that. I'm also planning on moving some of my outfit posts to instagram, so follow along there if you'd like!


I feel like I cannot really look back at these pictures and not notice my post-partum weight fluctuation. 2015 was definitely a weird year in terms of dressing my body due to not being able to wear most of my pants (It was hardest to lose weight in my hips... which is just weird... pregnancy is bizarre) and because of nursing (13 months of nursing so far... that's been crazy too).

I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight (yay!) so most of my clothes fit these days, thank goodness. However, it has been really tough to find the time to exercise with a baby. My goal this year is to wake up earlier than Piglet and exercise Mon, Wed & Fri mornings; running on warm days and doing a video workout on cold days. Also! We are doing a Whole30 this month! So far, it's fine. That's because it's day 3 :) I'll keep you updated on that one.


Having a baby does crazy things to your marriage/life. First, there is the sleep deprivation... some of our friends told us that they had a deal; "what you say between 1-5am doesn't count" and we definitely used that policy. When I am sleep deprived, I am mean. After Piglet started sleeping through the night (around 5 months) we were like, "okay, now what." We had to learn to start prioritizing our alone time together because it was usually just a couple hours each evening after the baby was asleep.

I feel like our marriage is super-solid right now, which I am so thankful for. We are both working this year to make sure Christ is the most important thing our lives (more important than one another) and I think that will help. I could also see our marriage getting tougher because we are starting to enter the stage of toddlerhood that involves discipline/strategic parenting vs the mainly caretaking of babyhood.

Last year we traveled to Dallas a couple of times to visit friends and for Eric's work. We ventured north a little bit to Kansas City for my cousin's wedding We also visited Michigan for the first time for a family reunion and fell in love. It was Piglet's first big trip and he did great. I am honestly ready to go back! Also, and this is a big one, Eric lived in NYC for 2 months this fall. If you've read my blog for a while, you're probably thinking that he already did that. Yep, he did that in 2014. And then he did it again in 2015. For a completely unrelated reason. Last time was for an internship with his MBA, this time it was for training for work. It was fine, I'm over it. Ha. But, it meant I visited NYC twice this fall (after visiting twice last summer!) without Piglet. I'm honestly glad I was forced to leave him overnight (the first time was around 9 months) because it was hard, but it ended up being great and so important for our marriage.

Ahhh planning travel for a new year is one of my favorite things! Eric and I don't have anywhere we have to go this year, so we are thinking about taking a beach trip (we haven't been to the beach since our honeymoon 7+ years ago!) and possibly a Colorado trip to visit friends. Oh and if you have suggestions for awesome beach places, let me know.


We moved! And I have yet to post a single house picture on the blog. Of course. Anyway, we lived in our old home for 5+ years and when we left, everything was decorated in a way that I loved. Our new house is double the space (1100 sq ft to 2200 sq ft) and nearly every wall in the house is empty. But, I love the house so much. The location is perfect and it has such a great feel to it in general.

We have sooooo much to do on the house. Still lots of walls to be painted; we want to add a pergola, knock out a wall, etc. And so much to buy! I just keep reminding myself that we can take it slowly and that I will love it more if I collect things over time instead of just going out one day and buying all the d├ęcor from one store. I hope to share a lot more on the blog about our house this year.

So, in summary, 2015 was a great year. It was the first year of having Piglet in our lives, and it was so much fun. It was also a year of big changes - new job for Eric, going part-time for me, moving, etc. I'm so excited to see what 2016 has in store!


Dec 16, 2015

Style: Warm Winter

chambray: old navy (similar) // pants: h&m (similar) // shoes: dolce vita (similar
// watch: fossil // bracelets: h&m (similar)
Besides the ice storm we had over Thanksgiving, it has been a mild winter so far. This past week has been in the mid-60s or so. I actually kind of hate cold weather, so essentially I'm living out my dream of being a Californian right now. Cropped pants, no jackets; perfect. Buuuuut okay, a White Christmas would be awesome. So I want snow, but just one day of it. That's reasonable, right?
Did you guys know Christmas is right around the corner? (*sarcasm*). I have so much shopping to do. Blerg. I really do love the holidays, but this year I kind of dropped the ball in having everything done in advance. I'm just telling myself it's because I'm enjoying experiencing everything through Piglet's eyes this year. It is so much fun to watch him in awe of the Christmas lights, the tree and scary snowman blowup creature at my neighbors house.

Dec 8, 2015

Style: Green, Leather & The Target Dollar Bin

dress: lurap c/o // jacket: gifted (similar) // booties: sam edelman

We celebrated Piglet's first birthday over the weekend. I know. How is he one? The past year has just flown by. Everyone tells you that it does and they are right. I have so many thoughts about the first year of parenthood that it's definitely hard to sum up in a few short sentences. Let's just say that it has been wonderful :) His party was great - we threw a laid-back family affair with lots of chili, homemade cake and decor from the Target dollar bin (it draws me in every time). 

On to the outfit... If you've read my blog for a while than you know that I have an obsession with green. When lurap asked me to try a custom item of clothing, I almost said no, but then I found this dress and I couldn't resist. I've already worn it way too many times. I tried to winterize (why is winterize a word and not "fallerzie?") with a leather jacket and leather booties (which were my early christmas present. That I picked out. Whoops). Anyway, I really like the dress and I'm sure it will make an appearance on the blog again soon! 

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