Jul 30, 2014

Style: Vests & Onion Bagels

 dress: anthro (similar) // vest: target // sandals: aldo (similar) // earrings: target (similar)

bump status: 23 weeks

Yesterday, I went to Target. Not out of the ordinary (I mean, two out of four items I'm wearing are from Target). I went solely for groceries (and succeeded! victory!) and as I turned the corner in the bread aisle, a lady stopped me:

Lady: excuse me
Me: oh, you're not in my way, no worries
Lady: no.... I was wondering if you know where I can find onion bagels. 

At this point I am wondering if she thinks I work at Target... I am clearly not wearing red and khaki so I proceed. 

Me: um... I don't know. I'm surprised there aren't any here. 
Lady: I have driven all the way from south Texas through Oklahoma looking for onion bagels. The everything bagels just have too much stuff on them, you know?
Me: Yeah... I have thought that before.


Lady: Well, I'm just looking out for all of us. I know we all want them. I don't understand why stores just don't carry them. 
Me: uh-huh. Good luck!!

Such a confusing conversation. I mean, are onion bagels really that much of an endangered species? So random, you guys. Anyway, at this point I should probably say something about what I'm wearing (I can't decide what is least interesting... talking about clothes or onion bagels). I have had both this dress and this vest for a really long time so it's strange to me that they have never made it on the blog. The dress I got like 60% off at anthro and it is such a great summer dress. The vest I got in college at a point when people weren't really wearing vests, so I hardly ever wore it (I tend to not be on the cutting edge of fashion, ha). I still hardly ever wear it, but now that it won't actually close in the front, I thought it would be a good idea. 

*Not sure if you can tell, but I am feeling particularly sassy/sarcastic this morning.

Jul 28, 2014

Style: Summer Maxi Dress

 dress: target // sandals: steve madden (similar) // necklace: target (similar) // earrings: f21 (similar)

*Bump status: 22 weeks

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend. I watched a couple of movies, ate yummy sushi (cooked, don't freak out), spent an afternoon in the pool and had some great talks with Eric. We have so much to figure out with this baby-thing (registry! name! schedule!) so it was nice to just go out and talk about adult things. Like, what our dog does when we aren't home, and stuff like that.

In other news, my friend Emily bought me this dress for my birthday. It's the perfect non-maternity, maternity summer dress. I have worn it to the pool, to dinner and I might even be able to pull it off at work with a blazer. So thank you, Emily. Can I use this blog post as a substitute for a thank you note?

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Jul 23, 2014

Style: The Little White Dress

dress: banana republic // flats: urban outfiters (similar)  // necklace: f21 (similar

*bump status: 22 weeks

So, the bump exists. I actually didn't quite realize it until I put on a shift dress. I've been gravitating toward loose clothes, but now that everyone knows I'm preggers (!!!), I'm embracing it. Unfortunately, to the general public I still look like I ate a giant burrito for lunch, but I think know there is a baby in there so I feel good about the belly.

And. This. Dress. I may have wandered into Banana Republic over my birthday weekend even though they don't sell maternity clothes. Actually, I was with my friend Teresa who is more pregnant than me so I don't know what we were thinking. Anyway, they were having an extra 50% off sale styles so I had to look. I have been wanting a LWD (that's "little white dress" for anyone who has better things to do in their life than think about white dresses) but I couldn't justify it because, well you can't wear it to a wedding (clearly I don't have enough occasions to dress up). But this, gorgeous dress was on sale for $21 (with the extra discount) and it was a tall size so it was meant to be. I mean, I had to buy it, right?

Jul 21, 2014

The First Trimester

pregnancy tests might be really creepy to some people... but it felt like the only picture that made sense. don't hate me cuz I peed on this.

So this post is kind of difficult to write because well, the first trimester wasn't all that crazy for me. In fact, I never got sick. At all. Don't hate me. It's genetics (or maybe not, we'll see the next time around). But I wanted to commemorate it on the blog in some way, so here is my attempt.

After the initial surprise that we were pregnant (Basically this was the first month we "stopped trying not to be pregnant" and bam, it worked. So it was planned, but also a surprise at the same time.) we tried really hard to soak it in as much as we could. But we kept forgetting. We would have a normal day and then, as we got ready for bed, and one of us would say "oh man, I can't believe we are going to have a baby!" That pretty much happened on and off for weeks.

We had an ultra sound at 10 weeks and I definitely expected to you know, feeeel emotional, but that didn't really happen. It was so great to hear the heartbeat and know there really is a baby in there, but neither Eric nor I cried or had an intense emotional experience. I know that is normal (thank goodness for blogs and baby books!) but it all just felt so surreal.

I'm... weird and I haven't been keen on telling anyone. I don't know why. I have great people in my life, but it just felt like such a special secret between Eric and I. After the ultrasound, Eric convinced me to tell my family about the baby and I am glad he did. We called most people via FaceTime (can we all talk about the wonders of FaceTime?) and it was so fun to hear there reactions. Everyone's reaction was different: my mom literally yelled and fist pumped, my dad got really emotional, my in-laws were shocked, my sister laughed a lot and my brothers already started talking about the baby being a boy. 

Telling our close friends and family made it all seem a little more real, but in general things definitely did not feel too different. I wasn't sick, which was such a blessing. There were a few moments of nauseousness, but those were quickly fixed by eating a snack (applesauce and yogurt) or sniffing peppermint oil. I also didn't show at all during the first trimester, which is showcased  in my outfits: 6 weeks, 9 weeks12 weeks.

I could definitely feel my body changing, but it was relatively minimal. In a nutshell, the whole 1st trimester just didn't feel real. But every time I would remember "hey, there's a baby in there!" it was such a good feeling. I couldn't wait to find out the gender and to feel his/her movements.

Jul 16, 2014

Style: Nice and Simple

top: loft (similar) // jeans: jcp // earrings: target (similar) // wedges: toms  // bracelet: gift

All I can say is WOW. You all are so, so kind. Thank you for all of your sweet words about our news. We are really excited/nervous about adding another person to our family - it honestly still doesn't feel real! And now I know what you are thinking... where the *h* is her bump??? I feel like you can kindaaaa tell in these pictures, but this was taken a few weeks ago (around 18 weeks) so it's not entirely accurate. But, I promise from here on out, you all will get accurate belly pictures. Words I have never spoken before.

I have almost gotten rid of this shirt a few times, because in my mind it is not versatile enough. If  I try to throw on a cardigan or jacket I look like a priest. No offense against priests, but I am not one so you know, false advertising. But, I really like the shirt by itself. Simple and easy.

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Jul 14, 2014

Something New In The Works...

So... a Baby Boy will be joining our family sometime in late November! Apparently we are old enough to have kids or something? It's completely crazy to think that we are going to add another person to our family so soon. Eric and I are feeling very blessed. Baby is healthy, big (not surprising at all) and kicking like crazy.

I know you guys had to notice that I was getting a little... chunky... in my recent outfit posts :) I only planned on keeping it to myself for the first trimester, but due to a ridiculously long torso, baby has stayed hidden and I continued to keep it relatively quiet. However, I am SO excited to finally be able to share the news with you all. I am sure there will be lots of annoying pregnancy-related posts in the future :)

Jul 10, 2014

Style: Birthday Dress

dress: anthropologie // necklace: versona (similar) // wedges: toms

The first time I wore this dress I was bummed because I felt like it did not photograph well (I know, I know, first world problems). I recently wore this outfit to my cousin's wedding and I think it turned out much better. Maybe it's just the short hair?

So, my birthday is tomorrow. The big 2-8. Birthdays are becoming less and less of a big deal to me, so it's kind of feeling anti-climactic at this point. BUT, a few of my closest friends are getting together for a girl's weekend that includes some birthday time and I am so looking forward to that. I think as you get older, your birthday becomes more about spending time with people you love than celebrating yourself. 

I love that I have had this blog for a few years because it is fun to look back at birthdays past (26, 27). So much has changed, and also so little. Apparently I am writing like a philosopher today? Anyway, I am so thankful for another year of life and for wonderful internet strangers to share it with :)

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