Sep 19, 2014

Book Themed Baby Shower

Last weekend I had my first baby shower! It was thrown by my aunts and some of my favorite friends. They went with a book theme, which I loved because I am such a reader and I am hoping that this little boy will be too :) I'm also not a really intense theme-y person so this felt like the perfect fit.

The food was arranged with a little bit of a theme (look at those green eggs!) and was amazing. Shower-food usually isn't known for being incredible, but this food was. My aunts made nearly everything and it was seriously so good. Also, brunch food is my favorite food category, ever. The fact that I can't stop talking about the food right now is probably a really good indication of my appetite lately. 

P.S. for anyone local, check out the baker who did the cookies

It was so sweet to read through all of the sweet messages left my friends and family! 

 My beautiful aunts and my mom. 

 Both my mom and Eric's mom kept a 1-year calendar and a detailed baby book that actually look really similar to each other. It has been really fun reading through and comparing when we took our first steps, had our first haircuts, etc.

Best baby shower game ever. Now I have a huge stack of weird pictures combining Eric and my face... I'm thinking creepy nursery decor?

The pretty, lovely, wonderful hostesses. Love you! 

The guests played  "present bingo" while I opened gifts, which was probably nice since watching people open gifts can get old.

 How cute is this silver rattle that my grandmother got me?

My mother-in-law and my mom - they are both incredible women. I can't believe my son will have them as grandmothers! 

The shower was absolutely beautiful and I felt so blessed by it. I know I said it before, but the fact that so many people would come to celebrate me and this baby was humbling. I am so honored by the time and effort that was put into the shower by people that I love. Now that our guest room is full of baby things, everything is starting to feel much more real. I am so excited to meet this baby!

Sep 17, 2014

Maternity Style: Shower Stripes

shirt: pea in the pod (similar)  (similar non-maternity) // jeans: h&m (similar non-maternity
// shoes: naturalizer // necklace: vintage (similar)

*bump status: 30 weeks

I actually wore this to my first baby shower this past weekend. This is NOT a "baby shower outfit" - I had plans to wear a cute striped dress, but I woke up on Saturday morning and it was freezing outside and I said to myself "you're the pregnant guest of honor. You do what you want." So I wore jeans. And I have no regrets. NO REGRETS. 

I'll share more about my shower later (so many pictures of people you don't care about - it's going to be awesome) but let me just say that I had forgotten what it was like to have people give you really nice gifts. It happened at our wedding (nearly 6 years ago) but I had forgotten how awesome/humbling it is. First you are so pumped because you got a $60 play-mat for your (hopefully) cute baby, but then it's like "oh man, you spent $60 on me just because I got pregnant." So weird. But so wonderful.

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Sep 15, 2014

Maternity Style: Navy

dress: target (similar non-maternity) // heels: nine west (via tj maxx)

*bump status: 30 weeks

Looking legit pregnant over here, people. This baby is growing fast. It's definitely a little disturbing, but also really exciting to see myself get more enormous everyday. 

Let's talk about navy. I used to have an aversion to it. My blog-friend Andi said she thought her personal aversion stemmed from wearing school uniforms, which I think probably factors in for me as well. Navy was a gross color I associated with uniform pants (our options were navy or khaki... I don't really wear khaki much either these days). Anyway, I found this dress on clearance from Target for $10 so I went for it. And I love it. I actually love it so much that I actually took off the necklace I was wearing because I think it distracted from the pretty color and the neckline. So apparently, I really like navy now. My life will never be the same. 

Sep 10, 2014

Maternity Style: Floral Dress and a Utility Vest

dress: h&m (similar) // vest: f21 (similar) // watch: fossil // shoes: steve madden 

 *bump status: 29 weeks

I usually hope that something interesting will pop into my head when I start writing outfit posts. Something other than "I like this dress" or more recently "look how large my stomach is." But, the truth is that I really like this dress (apparently I wear at the same time every year) and my stomach is also getting pretty darn big. The fact that I can combine the dress and the stomach is actually pretty impressive at this point. 

Eric and I start a birth class this week that I am actually really looking forward to. I love class and school and learning so much. That's probably why I work at a university and why I like to teach freshman about time management and study skills and dorky stuff like that. I got really giddy talking about planners yesterday. How the start of a new school year signifies a pretty new planner and how much fun it is to color code your planner based off category. That's normal, right?

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Sep 8, 2014

The Second Trimester

My second trimester is over, you guys! I honestly can't believe how fast this whole pregnancy business if flying by. I realized I needed to stop and reflect for like 5 seconds so I don't forget everything.

2nd Trimester Health:

As of 8/28 I have gained about 21 pounds (yippee!) which is apparently more than appropriate (but is still weird). My baby weighs over 2lbs (crap, where did the other 19 come from?) and can hear, open his eyes and has fingerprints.

I passed my 1 hour glucose test with flying colors! I actually had a scare because my test information got mixed up with someone else's and I got a call telling me that I would have to take a 3hour test...  The thought of drinking that orange-sugar-crap again literally made me tear up. BUT, it turns out I DID pass the 1 hour test and I am DONE. I nearly pass out every time I have my blood taken, so I made Eric come with me and hold my hand. Obviously the birth process doesn't freak me out at all (*sarcasm).

2nd Trimester Highlights:

I still feel great. Yeah, I am the annoying person who didn't get sick in the 1st trimester at all. I have continued to feel great through the 2nd trimester and even had a little improvement in the energy department. I started showing (like, a 100% for real, strangers noticing, type of thing) at around week 25, which was fun. So far no strangers have reached for the belly (thankfully!), but I don't really see that happening until I'm about to pop as my bump is still pretty small.

It's a boy! Finding out the sex of the baby was a HUGE milestone. We found out in an anti-climactic sort of way (I had an ultra sound by myself without looking at the crotch area, then took the pictures to NYC when I went to visit Eric. We looked at the pictures at 11pm after I had been delayed 5 hrs and we both were kind of like, "oh, it's a boy.") Definitely not a gender reveal party, blue balloons type of moment, but it was still exciting to know. It's soooo nice to be able to refer to the baby as "him" and "he." It also makes everything so much more real. He doesn't have a name yet (not even close) but I love knowing there is a little boy in there.

Feeling the baby move. Oh man, this is beyond wonderful/weird. Pregnancy is literally a miracle. I mean, there is a HUMAN BEING moving inside of me. He moves A LOT and seems to get pretty cranky when he's hungry (my husband shares this lovely trait). I started feeling little bubbles around 16weeks and it took me a while to realize, "yes, that is the baby." Now, there is no confusion. He kicks, punches, hiccups and who knows what else in there. 

2nd Trimester Favorites: 

H&M maternity jeans: They are sooo soft and I love the fact that they have a little (fake) button - they look so much more like real jeans than most maternity jeans I have seen. I am afraid I won't be able to give them up post-pregnancy.

Dried Apple Rings: I keep them in my bedside table at night, which makes me feel like I have a bizarre eating disorder. But, when I wake up to pee in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep because my stomach is growling, I can eat a few of these and I feel much better. Plus, they don't make any news when you chew them, so I don't wake Eric up.

Argan Oil: I have been using Argan Oil on my stomach at night. I have no idea if it will actually help with stretch marks, but it makes me feel better for being relatively proactive about it. It also feels good and keeps my skin from itching, which is a really good thing.

May Designs Bump Diary: I have been trying really hard to keep track of everything, and this notebook makes it really easy. You mark something off every day and it prompts you to keep track of milestones and make different lists. I got it early on and I have LOVED it.

ONLY 11 more weeks to go!!

*You can also read about the First Trimester if you are so inclined :)

Sep 4, 2014

Maternity Style: Chambray & Stripes

chambray: gap maternity (similar non-maternity) //  skirt: f21 // 
shoes: ann taylor (similar) // watch: fossil // bracelet: gift (similar)

*bump status: 28 weeks

This might be one of my favorite maternity "outfits" so far. I think it's mostly because this skirt is not-maternity and it just feels so good to be able to get away with it. Thank goodness for elastic waistbands that you can roll down. If you are looking for a striped pencil skirt, I have to say, this one is awesome. It's thick (so no colored underwear shows through), it's soft and oh, it's $10.80. I'm pretty sure I hit the jackpot on this one. 

In non-clothing related topics, fall is already crazy-busy. Okay, it's not really fall here (97 degrees hardly screams pumpkins) but I work at a university and we are in our third week of classes. Our office already has multiple programs going on, I've had to work late a couple of days and our weekends are filling up. And I'm having a baby in less than three months! I mean, there is a lot going on. I'm already missing the slow pace of summer. Come back, summer. 

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Sep 2, 2014

Maternity Style: Mustard & Gray

 tunic: f21 // jeans: pea in the pod (similar non-maternity) //
wedges: toms // necklace: gifted (similar)

*bump status: 28 weeks

Three things came to mind while posting these pictures:

1. I have been wearing way too much mustard lately. I don't know if it's because I'm secretly ready for fall even though it's 97 degrees here and I spent all of yesterday at the pool. Or maybe it's because mustard is such a good condiment. So much flavor for so few calories, you guys.

2. I bought a pair of gray maternity jeans a few months ago and they are awesome. Actually, I'm kind of annoyed because I don't own a pair of regular gray jeans and these are almost like false-wardrobe advertising. Every time I wear them I think, "enjoy these gray jeans now, because you won't be able to wear them by January because you are obviously going to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothing immediately."

3.  I'm in my THIRD trimester! How the $@!? did that happen? I had my 28-week appointment last week and Baby Boy is doing great. He's measuring right on track, has a great heartbeat and is kicking like a champ. So thankful to still be feeling great.

Happy September, friends!

P.S. I'm a featured Home & DIY Superstar this week on Cut Out & Keep! Follow along for a new post each day. 

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