Nov 20, 2014

The Third Trimester

You guys, today is my due date!  I more than expected to go late, so no big deal, but I thought today would be a perfect day to share my thoughts on this last phase of pregnancy. 

3rd Trimester Health

For the most part, I have felt great through the 3rd trimester. It's really hard for me to complain about anything, especially since I know so many people who felt terrible during their entire pregnancies. I have gained nearly 50lbs (which is terrifying) and I feel like everything I have experienced is a result of that. My feet hurt at the end of the day and even my maternity pants are honestly pretty uncomfortable at this point (I should probably just start going to work in sweats). At about 37 weeks, I started to deal with more swelling - my wedding ring doesn't fit and I can't wear any of my riding boots because they are way too tight on my calves. Buuuut, that's to be expected at this point and as much as getting dressed in the mornings has been tough, I'm convinced it will all be worth it :)

Also, the baby is as healthy as ever. He measures correctly every week, has a great heartbeat and moves around like a kickboxer. He's been head down since at least week 20 and seems to be ready to enter the world.

3rd Trimester Highlights

Feeling the baby move. I started feeling the baby move around 16 weeks, but it hasn't gotten old at all. I love knowing that he's doing great in there. Granted, it can be pretty painful at this point (I definitely thought a head-butt was a contraction at one point), but I still appreciate it.

My time with Eric. Eric and I have a great time together, always. He is such a wonderful person to spend time with. Unfortunately, we've been really, really busy lately so we haven't really had much time to sit around and just spend time together. But, we did get to have a little getaway a couple of weekend ago and it was wonderful. We are both definitely excited to meet our son, but we are also so aware of how things will change. I know we will love the baby and our lives will be better because of him, but there are just things that we aren't exactly pumped about. All of that to say, I know how special these last few days are and Eric and I have been trying to make the most of them.

Baby stuff! Baby clothes are so cute, you guys. Baby boy outfits - plaid, sweaters, fake ties - all adorable. We haven't bought much ourselves, but we have received tons of cute outfits that I am so excited to put him in. Also, just figuring out everything we need, returning items we don't, etc has felt really good. I love going into the baby's nursery (pictures to come soon, I promise!) and just looking at his bed, blankets and other sweet things.

3rd Trimester Favorites 

Anenome BrasI've pretty much worn my regular bras throughout the pregnancy, but the past few weeks they have been pretty uncomfortable. I bought a few of these cheap ones off of Amazon a couple of months ago and I have been so thankful for them. They are comfy and stretchy and you can un-hook them for breastfeeding as well.

Naturalizer Loafers. I bought these early in my second trimester and have pretty much worn them nearly every day since. I have had some minor swelling in my feet the last few weeks, plus it's really difficult to get my shoes on and off every day, so these have been great. Naturalizer is definitely one of my favorite brands when it comes to comfort - I have these riding boots and they are amazing too. 

Coke with Lime. Soooo you really shouldn't drink soda when you are pregnant. Actually, you shouldn't drink soda at all - it's really bad for you (in case you didn't know?). I hardly ever drink coke, but I've been to a few events lately where everyone is drinking some sort of alcoholic beverage and I felt left out, so my choice has been a coke with an entire lime squeezed in. Soooo good.

Lucie's List. There are tons of websites out there with great advice and daily updated about baby, but my favorite has been Lucie's List. Meg's writing style is right up my alley (people take a lot of baby stuff WAY too seriously - I appreciate her sarcasm) and her registry guide is perfect. I highly recommend signing up for weekly emails if you're preggers.

I have had a really great pregnancy overall and I feel so blessed! I was definitely nervous about feeling sick or super-uncomfortable or having strange symptoms and I didn't have any of that. Now I'm about to become a mom. I wish I wasn't nervous about that :)

P.S. You can read about the first trimester or the second trimester if you are so inclined. 

Nov 19, 2014

Maternity Style: Layers and Strange Compliments

sweater: pea in the pod (so similar non-maternity) // jeans: h&m (similar non-maternity) // 
jacket: target (similar) // booties: franco sarto (similar) // necklace: gift (similar

*bump status: 39 weeks

This might be one of my favorite maternity outfits thus far. I've actually worn it more times than appropriate over the last few weeks. Even though the jacket looks like it shrunk in the wash (an enormous belly will do that), I really like the layered look and that sweater feels like silk, it's so soft. Even though I am totally over being pregnant at this point, I'll be sad to give up a few of my new favorite clothing items.

I will also be sad to give up the random (sometimes strange) compliments from strangers. Fortunately, I haven't dealt with any of the weird/slightly mean comments that I have heard so much about (probably due the fact that I do not look like I am about to pop). Here's what I have heard so far:
  • "Oh my God, you are the cutest person in the entire world" - Target employee I then had to convince to let me return used gift bags (it worked).
  • "Aren't you adorable?" Lots of random people, and two strangers whom then patted my belly.
  • "You look great - you should have a million babies" - To which I have no idea what to say. I usually just say "haha, thanks" but what are they wanting me to say? "I only plan on having a few?" "A million seems like too many?" Not sure the appropriate response to that one. 

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Nov 17, 2014

Maternity Style: Blue Dress, Black Booties

 dress: motherhood // cardigan: old navy // 
booties: steve madden (similar) // necklace: versona (similar)

*bump status: 39 weeks

Three things for Monday:

1. It snowed yesterday in Oklahoma, which is crazy. We never get snow in November. I don't mind snow, but I'm a little apprehensive of spending a cold winter inside with a newborn. I spent most of the day curled up on the couch with Winston, wearing sweatpants, watching episodes of friends, so it was pleasant, but still bizzare.

2. On Saturday, Eric and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary! It may or may not have snuck up on us... I actually didn't even remember until Eric brought home flowers the day before. Obviously, we are thinking about a lot so we don't feel too terrible for forgetting. We ended up having a great day - we saw Interstellar in the iMax (so intense) and had sushi take out at home. I'm not going to lie... I'm kind of glad baby didn't come on our actual anniversary :)

3. The cold weather really makes me want to decorate for Christmas, but I have really strong principles about decorating for the holidays before Thanksgiving. I'm on such an emotional roller coaster about this, you guys :) Thoughts?

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Nov 12, 2014

Maternity Style: Tights, Stripes & Winter

dress: a pea in the pod (similar) (similar non-maternity) // tights: old navy // 
blazer: f21 (similar) // booties: steve madden (similar) // earrings: francesca's (similar)

*bump status: 38 weeks

I keep finding myself looking back through my past outfits on the blog. I keep catching myself spending way too much time doing it. I kind of feel like I am stalking myself, actually. I miss my clothes. It's such a superficial feeling, but it's legitimately happening. Dear regular-size-clothes (and shoes! I have some serious cankles), I will see you soon.

This outfit marks the first time I have worn tights this year. It's a milestone, you guys. Winter is here. Today the high is 36, which is cold in Oklahoma. Apparently people in other parts of the country are getting snow. Sorry, guys. I'm convinced it's still fall. Our seasons are so strange - we still have green leaves on a lot of the trees. It's all very confusing and messes with you, emotionally, you know? Oh, maybe that's just me.

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Nov 10, 2014

Maternity Style: Pink Sweater, Gray Jacket

sweater: gap (similar) (similar non-maternity) // jeans: h&m (similar non-maternity) // jacket: target 
// scarf: f21 (similar) // earrings: f21 (similar) // booties: dolce vita (similar)

*bump status: 38 weeks

I am so so happy that the weather is finally a little chilly in Oklahoma. Technically the high today is 70, but by tomorrow it's supposed to drop to 40. I usually hate cold weather, but being able to layer is keeping me from having to wear the same thing over and over again during this pregnancy. A friend lent me this pretty pink maternity sweater and I really hoped I would get to wear it before baby arrives (my due date is 10 days from today... I feel like a ticking time bomb at this point). Also, I picked up this trench a few weeks ago from Target and it is awesome. It's water resistant and super soft and the length is awesome (it also comes in military green!). I'm not sure these pictures do it justice because, well, it wasn't really designed to wear with a watermelon poking through your shirt, but hey, I'm doing it anyway.

P.S. Thanks to Laura for featuring me in her "Tour Through Blogland" this week!

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Nov 5, 2014

Maternity Style: Jeans To Welcome November


top: a pea in the pod (similar) (similar non-maternity) // jeans: h&m (similar non-maternity)
// booties: dolce vita (similar) // necklace: h&m (similar)

*bump status: 37 weeks

Um, it's November. How the bleep did that happen? [can you tell profanity makes me uncomfortable?] One minute we're all fawning over PSL's and picking out pumpkins and now Starbucks has debuted their Christmas cups and people are asking me about our plans for Thanksgiving. It's also baby month which means that I feel like a ticking time bomb. Every day when I leave work at 5pm I have a conversation with my boss that is along the lines of "I'll probably see you tomorrow but if not, have a great Christmas!"

Happy November, internet friends!

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Nov 3, 2014

Maternity Style: Massages & Marines

dress: target (similar maternity) (similar non-maternity) // blazer: old navy (similar) // 
necklace: versona (similar) // watch: fossil // shoes: naturalizer

*bump status: 37 weeks

Happy Monday! Eric and I had an incredible weekend - we spend two days in a little town in Oklahoma called Sulphur at a b&b-spa-resort-thing. We essentially laid around and watched hgtv in bed (a luxury since we don't have cable or a tv in our room!), read on a porch overlooking lovely landscape, ate way too much rich food and just generally had a great/lazy time. If we used terminology like "babymoon" then we might have called it that. Oh and I also got a prenatal massage, which was awesome. I can't really complain about the aches and pains of pregnancy because I feel really great, but having someone rub your body for an hour pretty much rocks in any form or fashion. I essentially fell asleep on the table. Eric, on the other hand, got a deep tissue by a female ex-marine and let's just say he still can't move. 

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