Oct 30, 2018

An update of sorts.

Dear friends, internet, people behind a screen,

Hello. How are you?

It's me, Ashley.

I have so much I want to share. Lots of projects that I am working on. Fun things. But, because of my type-a-list-making-brain, I feel like I can't share anything out of order. I feel like I have to catch up all of the back-story posts in order to post about what is actually going on right now.

Today, I am letting that go!

So, first things first. We moved. AGAIN. Quick recap: we moved from Norman to Oklahoma City in May of 2015. Then we moved from Oklahoma City to Tulsa in July of 2017. And then, this past summer, July 2018, we moved from Tulsa BACK to Oklahoma City.

It is wearing me out to even read that paragraph. Oh man. It has been a crazy few years. For anyone wanting an explanation about why we moved that much, it was all for my husband's job, but it is nothing we ever planned or expected. Technically we had a choice each time and the company moved us (packed, hired movers, etc). So, it was all as calm and peaceful as moving can ever be.

(me on a recent trip to Maine)

Well, besides that fact that I am preggo. Yep, pregnant with number 3. We did this most recent move while I was in the first trimester. So, we have essentially added a kid in each move.

Because we are crazy.

Maybe. No, we probably are. But, I am happy to report that our marriage is solid, our kids seem to be thriving and God is good. Always. He has shown us that time and time again. As much as we loved our last few houses (and we did!!!) this new house feels like home and we are making really fast progress on it.

The house we bought in Tulsa was a fixer-upper and about 6 months-in we found out we might be moving. We kept fixing it up, but with more of a "flip mindset" (aka, what would be appealing to the most people). It all paid off and God faithfully provided us a fast buyer who offered asking price. I cried when we got the offer because I was just so overwhelmed. Eric and I put SO MUCH sweat equity into that house (not to mention actual money) so to see it pay off was awesome. We planned on living there a long time, but we are so proud of the work we did and the buyers were excited about it too.

Which brings me to our current house. Our house search was crazy, as they always seem to be, but God provided a great house, in a great neighborhood, at the right time. We felt pretty strongly that we needed to take a break on owning a fixer-upper... mostly because we spent most of our weekends for an entire year working on our last house... we both feel like we need to be doing fun things with our kids a little more often at this phase of life :) So, this house was "done" when we bought it... BUT we have already painted half the walls and replaced all of the light fixtures :) So, we obviously love working on houses.

And that is what I want to show you! I want to show real-time stuff that I am working on. I feel like instagram is the best method to do this - join me there if you haven't already @creamtomycoffee.

Aug 22, 2018

Girl's Bohemian Nursery - Before and After

Hey friends! It's been a while. Unfortunately, it seems I'm obligated to being every single blog post with that sentence... but the blog is still here and it's still my space and I keep holding onto it for whatever reason. So! I'm working on catching you guys up on a few room makeovers. The first one is my daughter's nursery, which ended up being one of my favorite rooms in the house. But first, the befores. I'm cracking up at these pictures because they are... terrible. 

Baby added to photo for drama's sake - "isn't it so sad that baby had to sleep in this awful room?" :)

So one of the main issues here was the carpet - it honestly doesn't look as bad in these photos - it is literally a dark salmon color. The house was vacant for a year when we moved in and before that it was owned by an elderly couple. So, the room just felt so dated. The paint color was a creamy yellow and all of the trim was actually the same color. Oh and the curtains. Oh man. They were floral and weren't even the right size. You can see that I placed numerous blanks and things over them to try to keep the light out while we got everything ready.

And now, the afters!

The first thing we did was paint! I never thought I would paint a room pink, but all of the furniture we used was from my son's nursery and I decided it would help make the room feel more feminine and ultimately just different than his nursery. So pink it was! It was actually difficult to pick a pink paint color. We tested 4-5 options and they were all really overwhelming and too bright. The color we chose (Ella Rose by Magnolia Home) was the  least pink of all of them.

We replaced the carpet, painted the trim (it took 3 coats!), replaced the curtains and added some decor. We really didn't have to buy much, which was really nice.

paint: Ella Rose by Magnolia Home
crib: walmart
mobile: pottery barn kids (no longer available - similar)
small white shelf: urban outfitters
curtains: target (blackout!)
wood shelf: made by Eric's grandpa
rocking pig: land of nod (no longer available but they still sell the lion version)
bronze picture ledges: urban outfitters (super similar)
hanging lamp: ikea
changing table: vintage
ottoman: target
crib skirt: I bought a curtain and cut it into a skirt
wall hanging: modified from this DIY

May 17, 2018

The Bathroom Renovation!

A little bit of back story on our house. We had a long and exhausting house search (just like our other house searches - we are the pickiest people when it comes to houses) complete with feelings of frustration, confusion, sadness... all of the emotions. I won't bore you with the details of how we found this house, but it was 100% God's timing and the perfect house for us. One story, 4 bedrooms, wood floors everywhere and in a great location close to everything we wanted to be close to.

But! Oh, the buts. We were able to afford the house because it needed work. And the hall bathroom was definitely the worst of the worst. Get ready to feast your eyes:

Yup. Pretty impressive, right? That walk-in bath tub was a beast. An elderly couple lived in the house before us and while I'm sure it was nice for them to have that tub, it made the bathroom a disaster. We have two small children and that was the only bath in the house, so we needed to get it updated asap. The rest of the bathroom wasn't that bad - the colors were fine though obviously original - but all needed to go. The layout of the bathroom stayed the same which kept costs down significantly. And here it the bathroom now:

As you can see, we ripped out everything, including the cabinets facing the wall when you walk in, and two different soffits that made the room feel so much smaller than it was.

I'm sure your surprised that we took out the senior-citizen-bathtub :) We went with a classic subway tile with a dark grout and we LOVE IT. The bathroom mainly gets used by the kids and guests, but I find myself randomly standing in it to admire it ever so often :)

Deciding on lights and mirrors was the hardest decision. I knew we wanted tilt mirrors because the wall tile would be high and also because I thought it would be nice for kids to be able to use the mirror no matter their height. There were just not many tilt mirrors with substantial frames out there! Ultimately we got these on super sale and then spray painted them black. And the lights took a while to arrive but they were totally worth it!

The vanity has plenty of room for everything we need to store and it has soft-close doors/drawers which is awesome since we are mainly using this room for the kids!

We hired a lot of the work out (including the tile!) which was nice. However we were able to save some money by doing most of the plumbing work (installing the vanity sinks and putting in a new toilet), and we (Eric) did a lot of the electrical work. While the renovation was happening it felt like it took forever, but now looking back I hardly remember it. Totally worth it! 

Vanity (including top and sinks): Wayfair
Subway tile: floor and decor
Herringbone tile: floor and decor
Roman shade: blinds.com
Mirrors: pottery barn
Laundry basket: home goods
Art: thrifted (similar)
Rug: RugsUSA


Jan 31, 2018

Fireplace/Dining Room Reveal

So, remember how I told you we moved and I am so excited to show you some of the makeovers we've been working on in the new house in Tulsa? Well, we'll get to that. BUT, I owe you a few decor updates from our old house in OKC first. So, without further ado, here is a little makeover we did before selling our last house. We updated most rooms in the house but this was my favorite :)


I really don't know what to call this room of the house. Sometimes I call it "the fireplace room" because... well, duh. And I often call it the living room, but we have another living room right next to it so it's hard to differentiate. Any-who, today it is called the "fireplace/dining room" and it's probably the most decorated room in the house, besides the nursery (which really isn't a nursery anymore since I have a 2 year old!).

Let me remind you what we started with (see the entire before post with a floor plan):

Good bones for sure. But you can tell we just kind of plopped furniture down when we moved in and just kind of left it :)

Here is how that area looks now!

Ahhh so much better!

And a quick view of the dining room before:

And after:

I just love how the room turned out. Painting made the biggest difference for sure. It allowed the wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall to really stand out and painting the beams the same white as the ceiling helped the ceilings seem higher (side note... I'm not a fan of ceiling beams unless it's on a super high ceiling). A few new pieces and the room came together! This was definitely the room that we tended to gather in anytime we had company. It was just so cozy!

So here is rundown on where everything came from:

Paint color: Granite Dust by Valspar
Dining table: west elm
wishbone dining chairs: world market
green chairs: thrifted and painted (from this oooolllldd post)
chandelier: west elm (so hard to see in these photos but it's so pretty!)
console/cabinet: used to be a sink cabinet in my in-laws house... we had a top made from a leftover piece of granite from a friend's project so the whole thing was free!
graphic rug: my in-laws were downsizing so they gave it to us! (similar)
couch: Rowe (from a local store... used to live in our old guest room)
pouf: wayfair
chair: target
picture ledge: made by Eric, inspired by this one
photos/pictures: all made by/taken by us!
roman shade: blinds.com
ceiling light: hayneedle (similar)

Jan 16, 2018

Le Blog

It seems most of my posts these days are of the "remember when I had a blog" sort. I used to blog a lot. Mostly about style. I slowed down because I had a baby, then another baby and frankly because I lost interest in posting about clothes. The purpose of the blog was for me to explore and understand my own personal style and it DEFINITELY helped with that. I am a MUCH more conscious clothing buyer and I know what works for me... I think the blog is mostly to thank for that! I still follow along with some style blogs, but for the most part, it just doesn't interest me much anymore. But, I will never regret posting about my style. It was so fun and I made some fun on-line friends (and some real-life ones too!).

Another reason the blog has been silent is because there has been a lot happening "behind the scenes." My husband's job has been in-flux for a while (it would take waaaayyy to long to explain it, so I'm not even going to try) but after a year-ish of figuring things out, I am happy to say that things are a bit more settled. But, we moved. To Tulsa. In July. So, everything is new. I feel like we are starting over in so many ways (Tulsa is actually home to lots of friends and some family so we definitely have a head start in the new-ness).

So, why come back to the blog? Well, we just bought a new house. If you've been around for a while you might remember that we kind of just bought our other house. Yep. We lived in it for two years, and one of those years was spent knowing that we might potentially move. So, needless to say, I didn't get to do as much to it as I wanted to.

Our new house is really wonderful, but it definitely has a "fixer upper" status to it. We are currently in the process of gutting an entire bathroom (there is no usable tub right now and with two kids it has been interesting!).  I want to share some of this process on the blog! Of course there are a million other "home bloggers" out there and I'm not trynna' be famous or notin' but I think it would be fun (for me, at least) to document the process. I always like looking back on what we've done over time.

So, that is the hope. We'll see. I think I will try to show some of it on "real time" on insta stories if you would like to follow along there.

And because no post is complete without a photo, here is a recent of me. Yep, the same. Just a few more gray hairs and eye creases :)

Jan 3, 2017

Oh, hello.

Remember me?

Probably not. That's okay. Let me remind you. My name is Ashley. I am 30 (I turned 30 this summer while I was not blogging. Maybe that means I can pretend it didn't happen?). I have a husband, a newly two-year old (!) boy and a giant dog. I blogged as a hobby. But I needed a break. Quite a few months apparently.

I really didn't miss it. Blogging, I mean. I kept thinking "I should post" but then I just didn't really want to. So why come back? Well, I think that I just thought about blogging in terms of what people expected from me, and not so much in terms of what I wanted to write about it. So, my new plan is to write about whatever, whenever I feel like it. So maybe some outfit posts. Maybe some house posts. Maybe some personal posts. We'll see. I also felt like I couldn't instagram without blogging for some reason. But, my plan is to stay updated there too so feel free to come visit :)

So, what I have been doing the last five months?

Well, I have been cooking a baby. Yes, baby #2 is due in February! And it's a girl! Cray-Z. I was much more nauseous this time around so, so tired. So. Tired. Anyway, now all of a sudden I am to the end of my pregnancy. It has seriously flown by.

I should probably have a lot more to say about having another baby. And I think I will. Honestly, this whole thing has gone so fast and now that I'm in the home stretch, I'm just ready to have this baby girl here. I have been trying to set goals and really be purposeful about 2017, but all I can think is that this year is going to be the year to adjust to having another baby. And I'm guessing that will be kind of a big deal.

Being pregnant means maternity clothes (again). This time around I have been trying not to buy much which means that I have been wearing the same outfits as last time so not much to document (check out my past maternity style here). The good thing is that I have been able to look back at past blog posts to figure out what I should wear. So, I would say this blog has served its purpose in that sense :)

We have also been working on our house a lot! It is looking so good. We are really loving living here. I want to show you! More pictures to come! SO many exclamation marks! So stay tuned.

Jun 16, 2016

Style: The Jumpsuit

jumpsuit: old navy (similar) // sandals: aldo (similar) // necklace: target (similar)

The jumpsuit of my dreams! Not fancy (I have no wear to wear a fancy jumpsuit), it has sleeves (meaning I can wear it to work) and it is so comfy. And it fits well (because it's a "tall size")! I want to wear it every day, but ya know, I try not to. The thing about jumpsuits are that you can't just wear one like it's no big deal... it's fashion-y so it brings on a lot of comments. Which is fine, the comments I got were all positive, but I don't consider myself to be too "fashion-y" so it kind of made me self conscious. But I really do love the jumpsuit! 

In other news, I just got back from a little trip to New Orleans. Eric had to go for work, and since we had never been, we decided to make a little family vacation out of it. Definitely not one of the first places I think of when I think about a family-friendly spot, but it ended up being a lot of fun. We did a lot of walking around (the architecture is so pretty!) and we went to the aquarium and of course ate lots of amazing food (probably the most important thing for any vacation). It was so much fun to mark a new place off of our list! 

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