Jun 16, 2016

Style: The Jumpsuit

jumpsuit: old navy (similar) // sandals: aldo (similar) // necklace: target (similar)

The jumpsuit of my dreams! Not fancy (I have no wear to wear a fancy jumpsuit), it has sleeves (meaning I can wear it to work) and it is so comfy. And it fits well (because it's a "tall size")! I want to wear it every day, but ya know, I try not to. The thing about jumpsuits are that you can't just wear one like it's no big deal... it's fashion-y so it brings on a lot of comments. Which is fine, the comments I got were all positive, but I don't consider myself to be too "fashion-y" so it kind of made me self conscious. But I really do love the jumpsuit! 

In other news, I just got back from a little trip to New Orleans. Eric had to go for work, and since we had never been, we decided to make a little family vacation out of it. Definitely not one of the first places I think of when I think about a family-friendly spot, but it ended up being a lot of fun. We did a lot of walking around (the architecture is so pretty!) and we went to the aquarium and of course ate lots of amazing food (probably the most important thing for any vacation). It was so much fun to mark a new place off of our list! 

Jun 9, 2016

Jamberry Review

I am excited to share a product with you guys that I recently tried called Jamberry. It has been around for a while so you might have seen it before, it's essentially a wrap-thing for your nails that lasts longer than regular nail polish. My friend Lauren sells them and she has been sharing her cute nails for so long that I finally decided to try it!

I hardly ever paint my nails because it's such a hassle so it was nice to actually have pretty nails for a change. And I got so many compliments. You know, not the end goal, but definitely a bonus :) 

I thought I would share a little pro/con list for you in case you had been wondering about them the way that I had been.

  • Cute, cute nails. The designs are awesome, there is a lot to choose from and the styles are always changing. 
  • Long-lasting. They are advertised to last up to two weeks and mine lasted about 12-ish days, which is much longer than regular nail polish for me.
  • They are non-toxic and you don't need to use chemicals to remove them. You just soak them in water and peel them off when you are ready to remove them. 
  • Price point. At first, I thought they were expensive ($14 per pack) but I realized each pack contains enough for two sets of nails and/or a set for your toes so I feel like it's a decent deal. 
  • If you buy three sets, you get one free. That is what I did and it was nice to get 4 different patterns at the same time AND getting a free set was a bonus. 

  • There is definitely a learning curve for application. My first try had a few bumps and ridges... they looked good from far away but up close you could tell they weren't perfect. However, my second attempt looked awesome! So I think it's a pretty fast learning curve. 
  • It bothers me that there is a shipping fee. I know that it's probably not a big deal, but I am so used to free shipping at most of the stores I go to, so it just kind of bugged me. Call me spoiled.
  • Since you use water to remove the wraps, I felt like my nails lasted longer when I kept them out of water as much as possible. Obviously I went swimming (see above photo) but I have been trying to be good about wearing gloves when doing dishes and things like that (which I should probably be doing anyway so I don't have old lady hands when I'm 30).
So, those are my thoughts. Let me know if you have any questions. I enjoy reading un-biased reviews so I thought I would share mine (I bought the wraps with my own moola). But of course selfish plug is coming... If you are interested, I would be honored if you bought the wraps with my link :)   My sweet nail lady, Lauren said she'd throw in a free pedicure set for anyone who orders from my link! 

Join me in my new Jamberry obsession, won't you? Some of my favorite wraps right now are:

gold and white Gatsby style
this super cute spring rose style
for the fourth of july!
this super dainty floral
colorful and graphic

Jun 1, 2016

The Beach is the Best

We went to Florida last week! And it was wonderful! And maybe I'm still on a vacation high! 

Eric and I left Piglet with his parents and my parents (they each had him for a couple of days) and just had time to ourselves to relax and enjoy the beach. It wasn't my first time leaving him (remember how I visited Eric in NYC?) but of course I was still sad when we left. 

BUT. Spending time together without your child is SO valuable. It was so nice to just focus on each other (and sleep in!). We came home so refreshed and relaxed. 

We stayed in Rosemary, which is really lovely and quiet. We rented a car at the airport but in retrospect, we wouldn't have done that again since we literally walked/rode bicycles everywhere. 

The beach wasn't too crowded while we were there so we were able to carve out our own little area. We both read novels and got sunburns despite slathering ourselves in lots and lots of sunscreen. 

Themain street In Rosemary is so pretty! Very European feeling - little cafes and shops line the cobblestone street. 

When we were leaving, Eric said "let's come back over Labor Day." I don't think that will be happening, but we just loved our time so much that we are ready to do it again! 

May 18, 2016

Style: Floral for Spring!

dress: old navy (similar but cuter) // wedges: toms // 
bracelets: h&m (similar); kendra scott // earrings: ks

I love floral prints so much. So, so much. Especially dark floral prints because they are easy to wear. And edgy. Don't I look so edgy (*sarcasm)? I wore this to my cousin's wedding shower and even though I look like a pasty ghost, I was so excited to wear a dress! Last summer I was still nursing so I did not wear dresses often and they are just my favorite. One piece and you're done. Also, this dress was $7. So that's pretty legit. It was a good length until I made the mistake of drying it. And this is technically a "tall" size too. So, ultimately, we have an edgy-dark-floral-mini-dress look going on here. 

Now that I have spilled the randomness that is my brain, I will share that we are going on vacation in the next few weeks! Eric and I are having a little baby-free getaway to the beach and I'm so excited but also getting so sad about leaving Piglet for a few days. Isn't it funny how that works? :)

May 11, 2016

Style: Comfy Shoes & A Scoop Back

top: gap (so similar) // jeans: jcp (similar) // shoes: cobb hill // necklace: target

This is kind of a weird outfit. It's like... am I trying to wear a t-shirt and jeans in a cute way? Or am I trying to be fancy in a casual sort of way? I have no idea. But I wore it, so that's that. 

Let's talk shoes, shall we? I went to DSW yesterday on my lunch break (running errands without a baby is... fast) and I tried on some super-cute lace up flats. So cute. So trendy. But it felt like I was wearing cardboard. They had some nice pairs that weren't as uncomfortable, but I wasn't willing to pay more than $40 (since they are kind of trendy) and they weren't really in the "comfortable" category anyway. So, my point is. I'm super into comfortable shoes. As in, grandma-style-my-feet-feel-amazing-after-walking-all-day-shoes. I have nothing against lace-up flats (I'm guessing there are more comfy ones for a better price out there somewhere) but I am anti-cheap shoes. Cheap clothes? Sure. But I am officially an old lady when it comes to shoes. I got these shoes as a Christmas gift and I think they are borderline cute... most of the shoes this brand makes are not "young". But they are soooo comfy. Like walking on pillows. 

If anyone has any comfy shoe brands to share, I want to hear! 

May 6, 2016

Budget Rewind: March 2013 & April 2013

 MARCH 2013 
(original budget post)

  • The maxi dress! I have worn it sooooo much (see it with a blazer) though not on the blog for whatever reason. I spent $15 on it so it's definitely been a win. 
  • The skirt, for sure. I bought it because it was $8 and I wear skirts to work a lot... but it's too small. It looks fine on, but the lining is so tight. I actually ended cutting a slit in the lining to try to make it work but I ended up adding it to the donate pile last year.

  • The sweater. A couple of years ago I would have said this was "good" because I wore it to work a lot - it's great for throwing over thin strap dresses. BUT. Now that I work only a couple of days a week I'm way more selective about what I wear and I just haven't worn it that much.
  • The necklace. I have definitely gotten good cost per wear out of it  (see it an outfit) because it was so cheap, but I wouldn't say it's on constant rotation in my closet. However, it's definitely something that I plan on keeping around. 

APRIL 2013 
(original post)


  • Floral pants I still love these. Target just killed it with this print. It took me forever to find a good pair of floral pants (I sent my bff a million dressing room pics trying to find the perfect pair) but I am glad I took my time because these have been awesome. The dark background means they work year round so I have definitely gotten my money's worth on these. ($27.99)
  • Lace blouse This should probably be in the "good" category considering how often I've worn it. I feel like this blouse goes with everything. The reason it goes in the "okay" category is because of the fit. I didn't spend a lot of time looking around for a great fit and this one is too short (of course) and too wide. I am currently looking for a replacement. 

May 4, 2016

Fireplace Room/Dining Room BEFORE

I am so excited to share a little bit of our home with you today! I have been talking about it for so long and now that we have officially been in our home a year (!) I feel like such a slacker for not sharing photos. So, without further ado, here is what I like to call our "Fireplace Room." It is the room I would say that we spend the most time in. It is houses our fireplace (duh), the dining area and a small living room. It is at the center of the house and connects to the hallway where the bedrooms are, the kitchen and the front living room. 

I drew up this (horrible, not proportional) sketch of the layout of the house. It is perfect by any means, but I feel like it helps you get an idea of the layout. Haha, can you tell I have no artistic (or musical, but that is a different story) talents?

Also, this room (like most of the rooms in the house) has great bones. Our house was definitely not a fixer upper by any means! However, even with a "done" home - there is so much to do! I didn't even realize how much we had to do until we started doing it... and here we are a year later :)

The door you see through the hallway next to the fireplace leads to Piglet's bedroom. 

This might be the longest fireplace, ever. It's soooo long. And I LOVE it. Our first house did not have a fireplace so this has been an awesome upgrade. Also, Eric already replaced the sconces with the ones you see above - I forgot to take a picture with the ugly ones that came with the house :)

If you are really observant, you might notice that we got a new table already (see our old table in our old house) from West Elm. It is expandable (this is fully expanded) and seats 8-10 so we've already been able to host a few dinners. 

THrough the doorway straight ahead you can see the folding doors that lead to our laundry closet and the doorway to the right leads to the den. 

And yes, we've already started to put paint samples on the wall! Yay! 
Some other things we want to do:

  • paint the walls and ceilings (leave the bottom portion of the wall white)
  • do something with the ceiling beams... they make the ceiling feel low and they have kind of a shabby-chic vibe that I don't love
  • get new chairs for the dining table! 
  • replace the boob light (bleh) and the chandelier (don't love it and want something larger)
  • get new rug for living area
  • get new chair for living area
  • some sort of artwork above sofa
  • art above credenza
  • strip and stain mantel (?)
  • some sort of coffee table (maybe poufs?)
  • create functional toy storage
  • replace curtains with roman shade?

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