Aug 29, 2014

Where My Dolla Bills Went - August 2014

This was kind of a weird month for me as far as clothing purchases go. I am 28 weeks pregnant (!) and I am over spending money on maternity clothes. That is probably a bad sign, since I have quite a few more weeks to go... I actually have a lot of really cute maternity tops that friends have lent to me, but most of them are long-sleeve so I have yet to wear them. I was itching for something new to wear, but I just didn't want to spend money on temporary clothes. So, this is what I purchased this month:
1. Piperlime pleated maxi skirt   So, after I linked to this skirt in my post (I already have the skirt in green and it's awesome) I bought it. I mean, $14.95 with free shipping? I just couldn't pass it up. And I don't have a black maxi skirt already so it fills a nice little whole in my closet. I'm pretty sure I can get away with wearing it for a few more weeks too, so I didn't feel too bad about it :)

2. Forever 21 printed tunic  I don't have a lot of tunics... which is actually kind of frustrating now that I am pregnant. The length is really nice to cover my ever growing belly (and other... assets). This tunic cost  $16.02 (I used a discount code) and it's awesome. Actually, I am wearing it as I type this.

3. Striped knee length skirt  ($9.72) Okay, so this skirt is not really something that a pregnant lady can wear, but you might see me squeeze into it next week (remember the soccer ball in a tube sock analogy?). I have been wanting a striped pencil skirt for a while, and this one is a winner. It's a stretchy knit, but it's really thick so it lays really smooth and is not see-through. It's a great buy for the price.

4. Forever 21 button woven tunic  I bought this to wear while pregnant, but it will obviously be great afterward as well. I love the mustard color and I think the buttons will make it a great top for breastfeeding (But what do I know? I've never breastfed anything before.). I got it for $17.82.

5. Forever 21 beaded necklace  ($7.20)   Sooo F21 had a free shipping deal if you spent a certain amount of money and that is where this necklace came from :) 

5. Naturalizer loafers  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the exact pair of shoes I purchased online, but the picture is similar. They aren't really boat shoes, more just nice leather loafers. They are so comfortable (Naturalizer pretty much dominates in the area of comfort) and a great color. I'm sure they will be on the blog soon. I got them at the outlet for $35.


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Aug 27, 2014

Maternity Style: Floral & Yellow





cardigan: f21 (similar) // blouse: f21 (similar) // jeans: h&m maternity (similar non-maternity
// wedges: toms // necklace: target (similar)
*bump status: 27 weeks

You guys are so lucky, you get to see my trusty yellow cardigan two weeks in a row. And, like I mentioned before, it actually has a burned hole in the sleeve (from a fireplace) so I roll the sleeves. I like to admit things like that to the internet. I'm klassy like that. And also, I can't find a good replacement, so if you ever come across a short-sleeve mustard sweater, let me know. 

I'm continuing to push the limits on my non-maternity shirts. Sometimes I put on a shirt in the morning and it makes me laugh a lot. Kind of like squeezing a soccer ball into a tube sock. Not cute, but really funny. This sleeveless button-down probably won't be worn again (unless it's underneath a shirt that actually fits) but I am trying so hard to wear as much as I can before I get huge. Don't worry - I will be posting pictures of my enormous self on the internet too. I have no boundaries.

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Aug 25, 2014

Easy 3-Tiered Hanging Planter


Hanging planters. So retro. So all over the internet. But, I think they are cool. And I think they seem like easy, cheap decor, which is my favorite. So, I finally made my own!

I actually had a tough time interpreting directions from a few different sites to make this, so I thought I would share how I did it and what I learned.

Supplies needed:
3 flower pots (I painted some cheap terracotta planters white)
plants (obviously, you will want to choose these based on the location of where you plan to hang your planter. I chose 3 types of ivy because they will be in the shade)
sharp scissors
twine (I purchased this teal twine at Lowe's for a couple of bucks)

Step 1: cut four pieces of string the same length. Mine were about 6 feet long, but you may need to cut them longer if your pots are bigger. It is better to start with string that is too long, since you can always trim it up later. 

Step 2: Loop the strings through the keyring and make sure the ends are even. Then, tie a knot right under the ring so that you have four pieces of string on each side.

Step 3: Loop the keyring under something sturdy so you can pull on it while making knots (I used a chair leg). Guesstimate where you want the first pot to be and then create 4 knots by tying the two pieces of string closest to each other together. 

Step 4: About 2 inches down from your first set of knots (or longer, if your pot is bigger), create a weave by tying the cross pieces together (as show above).

Step 5: Tie the outside pieces together to form a circle. You will want to take a minute to place your pot in the opening to see how it sits. You can adjust the knots as needed.

 Step 6: Tie all 8 strings together where you want your pot to rest. Repeat the whole process 2 more times!

Easy Peasy.


Aug 21, 2014

Maternity Style: Thankful



cardigan: f21 (similar) // dress: h&m (similar) //
sandals: steve madden (similar) // necklace: gifted (similar) //

*bump status: 26 weeks

Happy Thursday, friends! I'm keeping it short and sweet today. Today I am thankful for loose-fitting dresses that I can stretch out and not feel bad about. I'm also thankful for cardigan sleeves that I can roll a little bit since I burned a whole in one of the sleeves and I just love the color so much I can't give it up. 

In all reality, I am so thankful that my husband is home. He started his last semester of his MBA this week, so things have been busy, but it's just really nice to come home to the same house every evening. Last night we had sushi with friends (cooked again, don't worry!), pushed a stroller around and talked about baby names ("Porky" and "Winston jr" seem to be top contenders). A perfect evening.

Aug 20, 2014

Style: The Dog Days of Summer

skirt: exact in black (for $15!) (green so similar) // shirt: tj maxx (similar)
necklace: vintage (similar) // sandals: steve madden (similar)

*bump status: 26 weeks

I don't even really know what "the dog days of summer" means. I think it's the end of summer when it gets really hot? That's what is going on in Oklahoma right now. We had a wonderfully mild summer and then bam, school started and it's 97 degrees everyday. I work in an air conditioned building so you know, I'm not sweating my eyeballs out or anything, but it's just so weird to think about fall-y things. In fact, I might go so far as to say that I am a little disturbed Starbucks is releasing the pumpkin spice latte early this year. Too far?

In clothing news, this green skirt has continued to be the love of my life. Any skirt that fits over the bump is a winner, and let's just say there are few winners left these days. I've had a few people ask me about this skirt so I wanted to let you know that it is on super-sale in black with free shipping (I caved and bought it myself!). I have a medium, if anyone was wondering about sizing. Haha, actually that is not helpful. If you want to see the skirt pre-20+ pounds of weight gain (if only I was exaggerating!) check out this post.

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Aug 18, 2014

How to Hide the Baby Bump

So. I'm pregnant. 26 weeks today. I felt great through my first trimester, but I still didn't feel  comfortable with anyone knowing about it right away. For health reasons and just because I felt like it was very personal. I just wasn't ready to share it yet. I think it's OK to share the news whenever you are ready, but this post is for anyone else who felt the way I did (I didn't share with the general public until about 20 weeks). Here is what I learned about hiding the bump in the first half of pregnancy:

Wear what is comfortable. The is the most important thing. Even though I didn't have bump at all around 6 weeks, I found that a few of my elastic waist skirts hurt after a day of wear. Not worth it, even if you try to convince yourself you have to wear it because you won't be able to later (am I the only person that thinks like that?).

                      19 weeks                                       16  weeks                                     18 weeks

Tuck in your shirt. This probably sounds a little counter-intuitive, but I swear this is the reason I was able to hide the bump for so long. I wore skirts that were a little loose to begin with (so they were comfortable around my waist) and tucked in a looser shirt. Even though my stomach was sticking out more than normal, it was tough to tell because of the two lines of fabric together and the loose shirt over the top.

                                 12 weeks                                                                 15 weeks

Layer over tight clothing. Early on, I really wanted to wear things that I knew I would not be able to wear later because of the slim fit (I'll miss you, clothes!). I was able to get away with wearing a few tighter items by layering jackets and vests over them. I could definitely tell that my stomach was sticking out a little, but with the layers it was tough to notice.

               17 weeks                                          8 weeks                                            10 weeks

Wear loose dresses. Not only are loose dresses comfortable (yay!) but they are great at hiding a bump without screaming "I'm hiding something." I felt like really loose shirts kind of made it seem obvious (unless I tucked them in), but a loose dress just implies that you like comfort. A shift shape is great, but if you wear anything with a cinched area (like the two outfits on the right) make sure they elastic hits below a traditional empire waist (right below your breasts). Empire waist dresses/tops make you look pregnant (even if you are not!).

A few other tips: 
  • Scarves/big accessories are a great way to distract the eye from your belly.
  • Pattern  wearing patterns is a great way to keep the eye moving. I have found that people notice my bump a lot more often when I am wearing solid colors.
  • Wear all black. Black really is slimming. I wore a black top and black pants to work multiple times in early pregnancy because it was easy and really disguises the baby bump.

Disclosure: I am tall (5'10") so I am fully aware that it might be easier for me to hide my bump than it would be for someone shorter or with a different body type. However, I actually googled "how to hide a baby bump" at one point and didn't find much so I wanted to add my two-cents to the world wide web :)

Anyone else have some tips they would be willing to share?

Aug 13, 2014

Style: Hat Lady

tank: h&m maternity (non-maternity) // shorts: pea in the pod (non-maternity) // 
scarf: gap (similar) // sandals: clarks // watch: fossil // hat: dollar tree (similar)

*bump status: 25 weeks 

I'm not a hat person. Like, ever. I've never worn one on the blog before and I've really only worn them in real life like three times (and one of those times was a flat cap with a tassel). I don't even do baseball caps. I think it's an eyebrow thing. Mine are really thick and they just look weird if you can't see any hair. 

But, today is a special day. I'm wearing a hat. Why? Well, because it cost a dollar. From the dollar store. I was there buying some plastic containers and saw this in the summer section and thought "why not, Ashley? Live a little."  So, today I'm really living. And it feels so good.

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